Brands of Office Chairs

See all office chairs brands. Here at The Chair Guys, we offer a great range of office chairs from a number of well-respected brands. All the chairs we stock are designed for maximum comfort and ergonomic support in office environments.

Therapod office chairs

Therapod was founded with the aim of providing durable, ergonomically-designed chairs that can be easily adjusted by the user to suit each individual's body shape. The ‘Posture Support System’ provides support to three key points on the back: the lumbar, sacrum and thoracic area.

Our range of Therapod chairs includes the heavy duty Therapod contemporary chair, slim line Classic high and low back chairs and comfortable Linear and Miracle chairs.

HAG office chairs

HÅG imbues all their chair designs with an understanding of movement, creating products that allow the body to move naturally. With a philosophy based on the importance of keeping movement free from restriction, HÅG chairs are dynamic and flexible, as well as being fully supportive.

In our range of HÅG chairs, we stock the RH Mereo 220, the Logic chair, the Sofi chair, which is built with InBalance™ for flowing movement, and the unique and innovative Capisco and Capisco Puls chairs, which are fully height adjustable.

Dal office chairs

Dal imports a great range of brands from across the world and have an eye for selecting ergonomic, aesthetically-appealing chairs. They support products which promote active, comfortable working.

From Dal’s range of chairs, we have the heavy duty Spark chair with lumbar adjustment, the fully adjustable Scoop chair, and the modern Koda chair here at The Chair Guys.

Herman Miller office chairs

Herman Miller implements the latest research and scientific advancements into their chair designs, creating futuristic-looking office chairs which provide support and allow for movement in the workplace.

The Embody chair, which responds intuitively to your body's movements, and the Sayl chair, with an engineered suspension back to support and encourage movement, are all a part of our range of Herman Miller office chairs, along with the Mirra 2 chair and remastered Aeron.

KAB office chairs
KAB office chairs are designed to be durable and high-quality, particularly for heavy duty office environments where operations are carried out 24/7. Ergonomic and supportive, there are a wide range of KAB chairs for use in a number of different industries.

At The Chair Guys, we have the ACS Executive chair, which is accredited to level 6 by AFRDI and perfectly suits people with back injuries, and the Director and Director II chairs, along with the Manager chair for those of a smaller stature. We also have the Controller, Operator and Draft chairs in our KAB range.