3Dee Office Chairs

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The new office chair 3Dee brings dynamism, health and quality of life into the office. It combines active-dynamic sitting with ergonomically optimized relaxation. The patented technology swopper® supports and encourages natural motion in three dimensions. It makes movements to the side, front and back and also vertical swing possible.

Active : Dynamic seating brings better circulation, improved mood swings and improves productivity plus frequent change of posture and exercise to strengthen the back and the muscles.

Relaxing : The physiologically arching of the backrest gives ergonomic comfort support for any backshape. The lumbar support and backrest are individually pressure adjustable with one hand.

Well Designed & Healthy : The smart seat is slightly convex and comes equipped with the flexzone® - technology and so adjustment is provided without any pressure points. The breathable multi-zone comfort foam provides support and a healthy seating environment.

High Tech : The patented technology swopper® encourages and supports changing sitting positions and harmonious 3D movements . And because the 3Dee adapts to the movements of his user, the back remains upright - even if you lean towards the desk.


Helps relieve back pain
Promotes active-dynamic sitting
Good training for the muscles
Keeps ligaments and joints in motion
Stimulates blood circulation
Encourages concentration & performance

Patented Swopper technology for 3D sitting
Patented Flexzone® technology in the seat with multi-zone integral foam padding
5 independent adjustments
Weight limit 130kg
Made in Germany
Ecology: seat cover certified in compliance with Oeke-Rex 100, 100% heavy metal free
Recyclability: all plastic and rubber parts are identifiable, removable and are regranulated unmixed. All the cast aluminium parts are stripped and melted down. The moulded foam is recycled into rebounded foam.